Collection: Eco-Friendly Toys For 1 Year Old

Our collection of sustainable toys for one year olds are made from renewable, natural materials from production processes that minimize carbon footprint or otherwise minimize impact on the environment.  Almost all of our toys, including our wooden toys for one year olds, are biodegradable.  Our toys do not contain PVC, phthalates, or similar chemicals, instead all are made with sustainable rubber, corn-starch rubber, silicone, or other eco-friendly materials.  

These toys are perfect for child development of your toddler.  Our brands offer toys that aid in the development of fine motor skills, encourage sensory stimulation, help introduce sharing and parallel play, and help with social and emotional skills.  Whether you are a Montessori parent, follow the Waldorf methodology, believe in creative curriculum, or are just interested in open ended play toys, we have you covered.