About Marley & Moose

Brittany and Mike Baron

Marley & Moose was founded in 2021 by Brittany and Mike Baron as a mom & pop children's store in northern Colorado. Largely online with pop-ups and market days in northern Colorado and an eye on our own brick and mortar hopefully very soon!

How we got here…

After abruptly leaving New York City in early 2020, living nomadically, and homeschooling our older children for a year and a half, we settled into life in Colorado.

That magical and chaotic window of time provided a lot of clarity on what we wanted our life and our days to look like. Primarily it was important to us to be present with our children so we needed to find employment that was flexible.  Secondly, after living out of our car with kiddos in tow for a year, we realized how little we all actually needed and how low-waste we really could live. And finally, the isolation of quarantine-life gave us a greater appreciation for all of the important relationships in our lives and the community we had built.

Lots of late nights and we begin the first steps toward founding Marley & Moose.  We are a children's store inspired by nature and culture.  

Did you know that 90% of toys on the market are made of plastic and the vast majority of toys end up in landfills within three months?  EEEK.

Our hope is to encourage parents to learn along with us on how to keep a focus on sustainability and development when buying for their kids. 

We focus on toys that encourage open-ended and collaborative play.  

Brittany has a background in early childhood development and education and thoughtfully reviews everything we stock on educational and developmental merits.  Mike is still a giant kid and is likely to have played with just about everything that ends up on our shelves and our website.  Has he made a mud pie recently?  Maybe.  For different reasons, both can tell you why blocks and vehicles are exceptional toy choices for all kids.

We prioritize woman and minority owned small business suppliers.

Eco-Friendly is our dealbreaker, but we also prioritize vendors that are woman or minority owned small businesses.  We appreciate the convenience of the big box stores, but we're committed to the human and relationship element of other small business owners who are out there just trying to make it.  We want to do our part to empower those who deserve empowerment. 

As we have found, starting a small business is hard.  Super hard!  But we've also found an incredible and supportive community of other small business owners hustling after a mission and a vision that is so important that it makes the hustle worth every minute.

Are we perfect? Nah, not even close! But we do try to stock products from companies that inspire us, and with Marley & Moose, we aspire to be better every day.

Baron Family

Photos by the talented and delightful Lisa Joy Photography