About Marley & Moose

Marley & Moose is an eco-friendly children’s store inspired by nature.

Our philosophy is simply to do the right thing, always.

All of the products we carry are first and foremost, eco-friendly, over 75% of our suppliers are woman-owned businesses and most contribute to the social good.  Our suppliers do this by committing to clean trash in our parks, matching purchases with meals for children, and providing opportunities for underprivileged communities at home and abroad.  On top of this, we contribute 1% of all sales to communities and our planet.  

Our History

Marley & Moose was founded in 2021, and is a true mom & pop operation with co-founders Brittany and Mike drawing on our strengths and passions to bring the store to life.  Everything the store is today and hopes to grow up to be is inspired by our three, soon-to-be four, wild and wonderful little ones and their adventures in nature and exploring new cultures around the world.

New York City to the Rocky Mountains

After a decade of life in NYC, COVID provided our family the opportunity to live nomadically in 2020 throughout the U.S. before we settled into our home in the northern front range of Colorado in early 2021. Our swift departure from city life felt sudden for many, but for our last several years in NYC, we found ourselves driving each weekend upstate and often further up the Northeast to go camping and connect with nature. It was at this time we launched FivePax.com, a family adventure website focused on responsible and educational experiences involving nature and culture.  Sharing our experiences of international travel and adventuring in nature helped us recognize our thirst for socially conscious entrepreneurship.  

Every aspect of our business is influenced by traveling the U.S. and world as a family.  Our current mountain west lifestyle give us an immersive influence of nature after living in the cultural mecca of New York City.

Education Focused

Individually, Brittany has a background in early childhood development and higher education and every product we stock involves a pedagogical discussion about educational merits.  We believe in curiosity and open-ended play.  We draw from the approaches championed by Maria Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia, but we do not strictly adhere to any at home or try to enforce or limit product offerings at Marley & Moose. 

Brittany's background in early childhood development and higher education is balanced by our realities of actually raising three tiny humans. Educational merits only go so far if they aren't practical for real life, messy, and busy families. Toys that are durable, high-quality, and made for individual as well as cooperative play among siblings and friends are also big considerations as we choose what to stock.

As we continue to develop relationships with new, carefully screened vendors, we hope to offer more products that align with proven play and learning philosophies that suit your family.


Thank you!

We are so appreciative of everyone who has supported us in launching our store and all of our customers for supporting small businesses.  We hope you enjoy the products we carry and hope to build a community with you on our blog and across social. xoxo -Brittany and Mike