Early Childhood Partnership Program

At Marley & Moose we are very proud to offer our Early Childhood Partnership Program to qualifying schools and daycares.  The program offers heavy discounts on all toys, arts, & crafts for our partners along with a custom discount code for families.  5% of all sales when the discount code is used by families in check out will be donated back to our partner.



To be eligible for the program, the partner must be located in the United States and have an officially registered business within the state where the business operates along with some other way of verifying the business (website, advertisement, listing in Google, etc).  There is no requirement on how long a business has been operating.  

Partner Discount Schedule

All partners enjoy the discount schedule below.  Partner discounts can be combined with sales and pre-order discounts, however, partner discount cannot be combined with any other offer that requires a coupon code.  Partner discounts will only work using the email account specified at sign up.

 All orders up to $74.99 sub total 15% Discount
Orders from $75.00 - $199.99 15% Discount + Free Shipping
Orders over $200.00 20% Discount + Free Shipping

Family Discount

On approval we will also provide a discount code to you for use by your families.  Feel free to give this code to your family, your customers, your former customers, or even your friends.  Seriously!  We mean it!  Any order from any customer using the discount code provided to our partners will receive a 5% discount.  Orders over $75.00 will also receive free shipping.

In addition, 5% of all orders using this partner discount code will be donated back to our partner (you!) via Check, PayPal, or Venmo.  Payments will be made at the end of each calendar year in December, or upon request.  We will email statements each month.

How it works

Example: Adela Tapia runs an in home daycare in Manhattan, NYC called Miss Adela's Daycare.  When Adela needs to restock on Tegu blocks, she logs into Marley & Moose to buy two orders of the Tegu 24 piece block set.  The order total here would come out to $140.00.  She would earn 15% off, but Adela really wants that 20% discount so she adds a few of Busy Box kits for a new order total of $212.00.  

At check-out, Adela logs in using the account that she set up as part of the partnership program.  When she checks out, she will see an automatic 20% discount and free shipping. The sub total is about $212.00, but Adela only pays $170.00.

Additionally, Adela sends a note to families about the store discount along with the code given to her: Adela123.  Adela's daycare supports 10 families and each family spends about $100.00 on toys and/or clothing for their children for a total of $1,000.00 in sales.  Each family enters the code Adela123 at check out to receive a 5% discount.  Once sales are final, Adela also collects a check for $50.00.

How do I sign up?

Step 1:  If you haven't yet, register on our site!

Step 2:  Email us below!  In the form below please specify the following:

  • Email address used to register
  • Business Name
  • Primary Address
  • Verification Info (website, Google link, advertisement, etc)
  • If there are items that you would love to see us carry, let us know!  If the item and the vendor fit our values, we will look into stocking it!

If approved, once we verify your info we will reach out with a custom coupon code for you and your families.  We will send post cards to pass around to help families remember to support your business when buying toys.  Note the family discount code will work for anyone, but the partner discount code will only work using the registered email address.  Finally, once we are all set, we will call to confirm payment details for your payouts!

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