Collection: Spring is here!

At Marley & Moose, we understand the importance of providing children with high-quality, safe, and fun toys that will help them explore their world and develop their cognitive, physical, and social skills. We also believe in the power of small businesses to make a positive impact on the environment and the local community. That's why we offer a range of handmade toys, crafted with love and care by small businesses that share our commitment to eco-friendliness and ethical practices.

Our collection includes a wide variety of toys that will delight and engage children of all ages, from wooden blocks and puzzles to stuffed animals and dolls. We use only natural and non-toxic materials, such as organic cotton, FSC-certified wood, and plant-based dyes, to ensure that our toys are not only safe for children but also gentle on the planet.

As spring arrives, there's no better time to bring a little bit of joy and creativity into your child's life. Our collection of eco-friendly toys is the perfect way to do that while also supporting small businesses and promoting sustainable practices.