2nd Annual Marley & Moose Chili Cookoff

2nd Annual Marley & Moose Chili Cookoff

Our second annual Marley & Moose chili cookoff was a big success!  We had 10 chilis compete and about 60 people attend the event held at our warehouse (also known as our family's garage... because all great businesses start in someone's garage).

Thank you, thank you, thank you again to everyone who came by and made it so much fun.  We are blessed to have such supportive and fun family, neighbors, and friends. 

Congratulations to our winning chili named "Grateful Red."  We'll withhold the winner's name for privacy reasons, but if you know him, be sure to issue a big congrats and invite him over for pot luck any time.

This year we decided to split the pot between the winner and our charity drive for Ukraine.  From door fees to taste and vote on chili we raised $310.00.  This means we humbly raised $155.00 towards our Ukraine charity effort at the event. 

We work with two Ukrainian toymakers so the senseless war is a little more real to us.  With this in mind, we decided to round up and match the donations from the event for a total of a $400.00 donation to help bring warm clothing, blankets, and essentials to children in Ukraine. 

Thank you again to all who participated!  We would also like to thank our Ukrainian suppliers and our business partners who donated as well, all linked below. If you would like to donate to the cause, we have more info here, or you can donate directly to UNICEF here.  We collect zero fees as part of this.  All funds go directly to UNICEF. 


Our Ukrainian Partners

Our Local Partners

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The 2022 Marley & Moose Chili Cookoff Champion

The 2022 Marley & Moose Chili Cookoff Champion

Last year's winner, and our fearless leader

Last year's winner, and our fearless leader!

More photos from the event: 



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