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Double Sided Counting Board

Double Sided Counting Board

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This double-sided counting board is great for teaching the fundamentals of counting to young children and later number-to-object association.

The board is made of wood, featuring both numerical (1-10) and non-numerical sides, along with a wooden tracing stick for practicing numbers.

Designed for ages 3+, this board is an effective way to build number recognition, counting, and fine motor skills for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten-aged children.

  • Materials: sustainably sourced wood finished with beeswax and natural oils, designed in Australia, and handmade in Vietnam
  • Age Recommendation: Ages 2+

Purchase is for the board only, balls are not included. 

What is so great about wooden toys?

  • Wooden toys are safer for your child. They are less likely to crack or break, and the natural dyes and paints used on our products have been tested to be safe.
  • Go Green! 90% of toys are plastic and 75% end up in landfills within 3 months. Our purchasing decisions go beyond the "eco-friendly" label and we work hard to avoide green-washed brands. From materials to packaging to shipping, we are constantly working to improve our carbon footprint.
  • Wooden toys are durable! Our curated selection of hand-made wooden toys are built to last! We have tested many of the toys and all of the brands we carry. Most items we carry have lasted all four of our own children and are in great condition to pass down to multiple generations.
  • Wooden toys support child development. Flashing and noisey plastic are made to grab attention, but that attention is fleeting. Wooden toys foster imaginative and creative play that helps support developmental milestones in young children.
  • Support Small Business! We curate our selection from socially conscious businesses all over the world and we prioritize the woman owned, minority owned, and small business community. You won't find most of our products at the big box stores or the gigantic online retailers.

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